Gas generator, PG28L Purge

45-1060EU 45-1060UK
PEAK45-1060EUEA 4450 EUR
PEAK45-1060EU PEAK45-1060UK
Gas generator, PG28L Purge
Filters Gasfilters
The PG28L gas generator is suitable for laboratory detectors requiring CO₂ free gas such as FT-IR analysis. Using Pressure Swing Adsorption technology to remove organic contaminants and moisture from air, these generators provide a consistent flow of air to ensure little background noise in laboratory analysis.

  • Purge Gas (PG) generator offers carbon dioxide free gas
  • Best suited for commercial laboratories with a high throughput rate of samples and trials
  • PSA ensure maximum reduction of moisture (<–70 °C dew point)
  • Few moving parts means minimum maintenance requirements and 24/7 performance
  • Wall mountable for small laboratories
  • More cost effective than any other gas supply as the FT-IR detector needs a constant flow of gas
  • 1 year comprehensive on-site warranty

Purity: <1 ppm CO₂
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