VWR® Professional TP / TPW, Precision Balances with Touch Screen

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611-3826EA 810 EUR
611-3826 611-3706 611-3827 611-3690 611-3692 611-3693 611-3694 611-3695 611-3696 611-3861 611-3862 611-3697 611-4677 611-3698 611-3688 611-3699 611-4678 611-3700 611-3689 611-3701 611-3703 611-3857 611-3858 611-3704
VWR® Professional TP / TPW, Precision Balances with Touch Screen
Balansen en Weegschalen
VWR® Professional precision balances are ideal for wide range of laboratory weighing tasks, they have been designed for multi-user environments (each user profile has password protection). These interactive balances, which feature an internal database to store data and drying methods, help improve efficiency and productivity. All professional models have a 5" touch screen with icon-driven menu, qwerty touch keypad and a stainless steel top pan. Models are GLP set-up, storing balance, project and user identification data, as well as date and time. GLP information can be also printed out with results, a statistics printout is available even without a statistical printer.

  • Selectable filter levels and user can select the measuring unit that the balance will use to display the weight
  • Electromagnetic force restoration or high resolution load cells for accurate weighing
  • RS232 and USB data interface allows import/export of data
  • Optional integrated ioniser at the rear of the balance
  • Live colour indication for check weighing
  • Easy to operate and have multiple languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, different users can set different use preferences, each user account is password protected

Functions include suspended weighing, piece counting, percentage weighing, check weighing, density determination, totalisation and statistics function, formulation, textile (thread measuring), maximum load (peak hold) function, animal weighing, internal database to store parameters, settings and recipes.

The user can choose three options for models with internal calibration (denoted by 'i' at end of the model name): Balance will calibrate using the internal weight by pressing CAL button. Balance will automatically recalibrate when ambient temperature changes and/or after a certain time has passed (Incal+). The user can choose to calibrate the balance with an external weight.

Models with pipette check function allow you to easily check the tolerances of pipettes in the laboratory following ISO 8655 directive procedures, or lets you define a standard operating procedure. These models have repeatability of 0,001 g and a stabilisation time of ≤2 seconds.

Certificaten: EN 61326-1:2013, EN 61010-1: 2010, EN 61010-2-010:2014, EN 50581:2012. verified and approved models comply with the Harmonised Standard EN 45501.

Bestelinformatie: Balances with suffix D have dual-range, suffix i denotes internal calibration. Models with suffix -C are delivered with factory calibration certificate, suffix -M denotes approved or verified models and suffix -P denotes units are complete with trap kit for pipette calibration. Models with prefix W indicates a three door draft shield. TP models do not have a draft shield.

Leveringsinformatie: Supplied with plastic in use protective cover. A wide range of accessories including printer, software and PC connection cable are available and must be purchased separately. These balances are also available with a calibration certificate.

Opgelet: Note: Balances are now supplied without an internal battery to meet recent transport regulations. An optional external rechargeable battery (611-8684) may be purchased for portable operation of models. The following models can work with external battery pack (611-8684): 611-3688, 611-3689, 611-3690, 611-3692, 611-3695, 611-3698, 611-3701, 611-3703, 611-3704, 611-3706, 611-3826, 611-3827, 611-4339 and 611-4340.
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