Spuitfilters, J.T.Baker®

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Spuitfilters, J.T.Baker®
Filters Spuitfilters
These syringe filters are specifically designed for chromatography sample preparation applications and optimised to provide the most consistent results with less extractables.

  • HPLC gecertificeerd
  • Bioveilig volgens klasse VI-kunststoftests
  • Materiaal behuizing van polypropyleen
  • niet steriel
  • Elk filter heeft een vrouwelijke Luer-lock-inlaat en een mannelijke slip Luer-uitlaat
  • Grote poriegrootte 1,0 µm voor hoge doorvoer en snelle stroomsnelheden

Available with PTFE (hydrophilic or hydrophobic), nylon, PES, RC membrane and GF (glass fibre):
- Water wettable hydrophilic PTFE offers excellent chemical resistance to both common aqueous and aggressive organic solvents, most of the acids and alkalis
- Hydrophobic PTFE resistant to the majority of solvents as well as strong acids and bases, also suitable for gas filtration
- Nylon provides a wide range of chemical compatibility, suitable for filtration of either aqueous or organic solvents. It is a natural hydrophilic membrane that can be used in a broad pH range
- PES offers lower protein binding as well as higher flow rates
- Regenerated cellulose exhibits low protein binding and wide chemical resistance
- Built in glass fibre (100% binder-free borosilicate glass fibre) pre-filter double-layer type is specially for high particle loading, ideal for difficult to filter liquids

Certificaten: Geproduceerd onder ISO 9001:2015-kwaliteitsmanagement.

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