Spark® Cyto multimode plate readers with live cell imaging and real-time cytometry

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Spark® Cyto multimode plate readers with live cell imaging and real-time cytometry
Spark Cyto is the first multimode reader with live cell imaging and real time cytometry to offer as much information as possible from the same cells, under the same conditions.

  • Live cell imaging and real-time cytometry
  • Temperature and gas control
  • Lid Lifter™
  • Enhanced Absorbance, Fluorescence and Luminescence modules
  • Fusion optics - combine the flexibility of monochromators with the sensitivity of filters
  • ALPHA technology
  • Fluorescence filter top/bottom

Multimode plate reader with environmental control that makes multi-parametric measurement possible by combining standard detection modes (luminescence, fluorescence, absorbance) with imaging in 6- to 384- well formats.

Spark Cyto combines three magnification levels (2×, 4×, 10×) with four channels for fluorescence (blue, green, red and far-red) and bright field imaging, enabling high quality cell analysis for a wide range of applications.

Pre-defined imaging applications for the most common cytometric assays:
• Label-free cell counting
• Confluence
• Nuclei counting
• Transfection efficiency
• Cell viability
• Cell death

For kinetic measurements, Real-time Experimental Control (REC) automatically activates a procedure as soon as a specific data value is reached.

Environmental control: Temperature control (from RT to 42 °C), CO₂ and O₂ gas control
Imaging: Bright field, Digital phase contrast and Fluoresence imaging

Certificaten: Carbon neutral certificate (ClimatePartner).

Bestelinformatie: PC, SparkControl™ and Image Analyser™ software included. Monitor, keyboard and mouse not included.

Leveringsinformatie: Supplied with a user manual, PC and power cable.

Opgelet: Spark Cyto is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Cyto Spark® multimode microplate reader

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