Celcultuur multiwell platen, CELLSTAR®

Leverancier: Greiner bio-one

392-0049EA 303 EUR
392-0049 391-3370 392-0047 392-0036 700-1425 391-3375 392-0061 392-0062
Celcultuur multiwell platen, CELLSTAR®
Microplaten Celcultuurplaten
PS, with lid, sterile. Cell culture multiwell plates are available either with a physically treated surface (for adherent cell cultures) or with a hydrophobic surface (for suspension cultures and hybridoma cells). All plates are certified free of RNase, DNase and human DNA, are non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic.

  • High clarity and low autofluorescence
  • Lid enables optimal gas exchange with the lowest possible evaporation
  • Single position lids prevent cross contamination
  • Alphanumeric well labelling
  • Compatible with automated systems
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