VWR® Deioniser with Interchangeable Cartridges

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171-2708EA 660 EUR
VWR® Deioniser with Interchangeable Cartridges
Waterzuiveringssystemen Deïonisatiesystemen
This demineraliser connects to a mains water tap and instantly delivers pure water with high resistivity. The exchange capacity of a cartridge is 300 l of water for a town mains water supply at 25° hydrometric.

  • Easy to use
  • Economic solution
  • Easy cartridge change (change in colour when the resins are spent)

The resistivity of the water produced is always greatly superior to 1 MΏ/cm: it normally rises to 10 MΏ/cm after drawing off the first 30 litres. The normal flow rate is 20 to 40 L/h, with a maximum of 80 L/h.

The demineralised water obtained is extremely pure as regards mineral ions, but it is not free from pyrogens or bacteria. It can replace distilled water in much laboratory work, but is not suitable for pharmaceutical uses or the preparation of injectable solutions. For such applications, sterilisation by ultrafiltration may be needed.

The cartridge in transparent methyl polymethacrylate, with polystyrene ends, contains "mixed bed" resins and anionic and cationic exchangers.
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