Toebehoren voor microbiologisch filtratiesysteem, MBS I, Whatman™

Leverancier: Whatman products (Cytiva)
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Toebehoren voor microbiologisch filtratiesysteem, MBS I, Whatman™
Filters Membraanfiltersystemen
MBS I is an excellent system for optimal microbiological control using membranes. The overall procedure time is reduced to a minimum. The design of the system, which consists of an electrical membrane dispenser, a funnel dispenser, and a vacuum manifold, leads to more reproducible results. All components are sold separately. The modular system provides flexibility to select the hardware and accessories that best suit the unique and varied workflows of the user.
The special sealing technique ensures easy handling and high integrity of the funnel and membrane during filtration. This keeps any cross-contamination to a minimum.

  • Safe sealing mechanism
  • Shorter preparation time
  • Large funnel capacity for foaming liquids
  • Easy to validate

The combination of the funnel dispenser and the Membrane-Butler E (sold separately) in the MBS I system is constructed so that when a funnel is taken from the dispenser, the butler automatically dispenses a membrane from the sterile pack, ready to use.

The autoclavable plastic funnel for the MBS I is a true innovation. The new funnel does not require tedious flaming of stainless steel filtration equipment for sterilization. It is simple to use and ensures sterility. Funnels are provided sterile in a magazine and save time especially when a large number of samples need to be processed by one apparatus. The funnels (350 ml) are of high-grade PP and can be autoclaved up to 50 times. For applications in which funnels are only used once, the system offers another solution: a 100 ml funnel that is presterilized and supplied ready for immediate use. A special closure mechanism at the extraction edge ensures that the funnel seals tightly with the membrane.

Whatman™ MicroPlus membrane filters from Cytiva are an excellent addition to the MBS I for the beverage industry. Wherever viscous or particle loaded solutions are being filtered, MicroPlus filters with their stability and non-blocking design are a good choice. Filtration speed due to optimized flowthrough, ease of use, and high reproducibility contribute to the unmatched quality of MicroPlus.

Bestelinformatie: Components are sold separately. For the Membrane-Butler E unit and other available components and accessories; contact your Avantor representative for more information.
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