VWR® Imager2Imager CHEMI Premium, Gel Documentation System

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VWR® Imager2Imager CHEMI Premium, Gel Documentation System
Photodocumentation Systems
VWR® Imager gel documentation and analysis systems are available in configurations suitable for fluorescence and chemiluminescence applications. Both models are fitted with a digital CCD camera (3,8 or 4 MP) which utilises the latest USB technology. The standard system features a 12-bit CCD camera that can be software modified to 16-bit. The CHEMI Premium system is equipped with a true 16-bit advanced cooled CCD camera able to capture images of a wide range of chemiluminescent samples using common substrates.

  • Modular system can be tailored to meet specific user requirements
  • Automated PC control speeds up image capture and the analysis process
  • 16-bit performance for very accurate gel data
  • Auto-locking door protects against accidental UV exposure, and large door opening provides easy access for gel positioning and viewing
  • Motor-driven optics and lighting options for easy system set-up and flexible imaging applications

These systems are computer controlled, with motor-driven lenses as standard in both systems (with feedback data on CHEMI Premium). The darkroom, is completely light-tight and suitable for RGB and advanced chemiluminescent applications, has a robust, wide opening hinged door for easy access to the chamber, and electronic auto-door lock with security function to prevent interruption during long exposures. Functions such as camera settings, lens control (including feedback data on CHEMI Premium), filter selection and lighting can all be set up from a PC (not supplied). In addition, user functions such as camera exposure, neutral fielding and extended dynamic range can also selected from the desktop. All these settings can be saved on one button in the user-defined configurations.

VWR® Imager systems incorporate advanced image capture software specifically developed to simplify the process of capturing gel images. VWR® Gel Documentation Image Capture Software is a fully automatic package that controls camera integration, exposure, lens and capture options with auto-focus configuration for precise focusing. VWR® Gel Documentation Software is an advanced, automated, analysis software that can rapidly analyse a gel from loading to output of results in a matter of seconds. Requiring minimal user training, VWR® Gel Documentation Software is able to handle a wide range of media including gels, plates, films and spot blots.

Using the VWR® Imager systems it is possible to produce images of electrophoresis gels stained with many fluorescent and colorimetric dyes, including: Coomassie® Blue, silver stain, ethidium bromide, SYBR® Gold, SYBR® Green, SYBR® Safe, GelStar®, SYPRO® Red, SYPRO® Ruby, SYPRO® Orange, Fluorescein, Rhodamine Red™, Texas Red™, Pro-Q® Diamond, Deep Purple™ or GFP plates. In addition, the VWR Imager CHEMI Premium also offers imaging using chemiluminescence, bioluminescence, stain-free gels, Alexafluor dyes, CFTM Dyes, and Cy® dyes. As new dyes are released we work to optimise their use with the VWR® Imager systems, so please ask your local Avantor contact for updates.

Delivery information: The standard system includes a 3,8 MP 12-bit digital CCD camera (16-bit file depth), motorised zoom lens, and 7-position filter wheel. The CHEMI Premium system includes a 4 MP 16-bit cooled digital CCD camera, motorised zoom lens with feedback, and 7-position motor-driven filter wheel. All systems include a cabinet, white epi-light (overhead), VWR® Gel Documentation Software and VWR® Gel Documentation Image Capture Software, cables and support software pack. Illumination options must be ordered separately.
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